Saturday, November 28, 2015

Here we go!

Today we start with our blog "Yummy Iceland". Here we'd like to present Icelandic cuisine.

In 2004 we traveled to Iceland for the first time. It was great, and we immediately fell in love with this country. Since then, we have traveled to Iceland again and again. But it was not only the landscape, the volcanoes, the geysers, the waterfalls and so on that we were fascinated by. We also learned about Icelandic cooking.

You may have heard about Hákarl, the rotten Greenland shark. This is a classic Icelandic speciality. But it is really hardcore and often offered to tourists on a dare. This is not what we want to present here. We want to show "normal" Icelandic cuisine. Recipes which you can try at home. Maybe you want to recall memories of your last trip to Iceland. Maybe you're simply interested in tasty food from an interesting country.

Two and a half years ago we started our blog in German: "Islandfan-Kochbuch". Meanwhile we have not only provided more than 300 recipes in that blog, but we also published a cookbook: "Leckeres Island - das goße Koch- und Backbuch". Some people asked for English translations of our book and our recipes. So we decided to give it a try: here it is! Sorry for our poor English. But we hope you'll enjoy it even so.

That's us: Ursula and Markus. She's cooking, he's eating.

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