Sunday, July 1, 2018

Norðurbakkinn - þar sem þú vilt vera

The book cafe at the north shore - the place, where you want to be

"Þar sem þú vilt vera" - there, where you want to be. That's the slogan of "Norðurbakkinn" in Hafnarfjörður, Norðurbakki 1. It is not "bakarí" (= bakery), but a "bókakaffi", one of the book cafés, which are quite popular in Iceland.

I had noticed "Norðurbakkinn" at first on Instagram, where they are quite active. They often post photos of nice, small dishes, of cake or of a great breakfast. Furthermore I had been fallen in love with the café's interior, especially with its beautiful red counter!

The owner had invited us for a breakfast on Saturday morning, 10 o'clock. She wasn't there at this time, but her daughter was informed and provided us a friendly welcome.

One of the most popular dishes are "pönnukökur með sýrópi og smjöri". My husband chose these pancakes with syrup, icing sugar and fresh blueberries, and it was just the right stuff for him. He was filled in an enjoyable manner with this sweet breakfast. You can get the pancakes for about 9,50 € / 11 $.

I decided to take "beygla með lax, rjómaosti, rauðlauk og kapers", bagle with salmon, cream cheese, red onion and capers - on recommendation of the waitress. The slices of smoked salmon were pleasantly thick. And the capers gave it a really interesting, great taste. (Reminder for myself: I must definitely buy capers and try them out!)

Together with the breakfast, the waitress gave us the current newspaper. So we could prepare ourselves for Iceland's first match in the world soccer championship. So we really had this mixture of a nice breakfast, reading and cozy atmosphere. Exactly, what we had expected from a book café!

By the way, Norðurbakkinn hosts regularly cultural events, lectures and musical performances.


The book café Norðurbakkinn is located in Hafnarfjörður. The menu is not typically Icelandic, but very nice. It offers mainly light dishes.

A cup of coffee ("uppáhelling") costs 450 ISK (about 3.60 €, 4.25 $). Hot drinks (various coffee drinks, hot chocolate, tea)are about 600 ISK (about 4.80 €, 5.60 $). For a small surcharge you can get soya or oat milk to your coffee or a shot of syrup.

The brunch ("bröns") is with 2.990 ISK (about 24 €, 28 $) the most expensive dish on the menu. But with this you get complete range of breakfast elements: scrumbled egg, pancake with syrup, bread and croissants with chease, bacon, homemade jam, salad and fruits.

Furthermore the menu offers salads, grilled cheese, sandwiches, onion soup, daily soups and, of course, pancakes and salmon bagels. In average these dishes cost about 2.000 ISK (about 16 é, 19 $).

Norðurbakkinn opens on weekdays from 9.00 to 22.00 and on weekend from 9.00 to 18.00.

P.S.: I just noticed on Instagram: On June 30th, 2018, Norðurbakkinn has opened a second café in Stykkishólmur, Aðalgata 20. We'll come to Stykkishólmur in July. Let's see, whether we have the opportunity for a visit in this new café!

Formally this article can be graded as advertisement, since we had been invited for the meal. Anyhow, we have chosen only restaurants, which we had heard good things about and which we estimated as interesting. Accordingly we're really delighted, and if we fall into words of praise, these are meant honestly.

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