Sunday, April 16, 2017

Heimatilbúið páskaegg

Homemade Easter eggs

In Iceland Easter is celebrated by giving big chocolate Easter eggs. You can get these chocolate eggs everywhere in shops and supermarkets. Some weigh more than 1.5 kg. They are filled with candies and slips of paper with good wishes.

Here's a short guide showing how you can make such an Easter present by yourself:


400 g milk chocolate

Depending on taste:

instant cappuccino
licorice powder
or similar


a big egg mold


Melt the chocolate over hot water. Depending on taste, stir in vanilla, instant cappuccino, licorice powder or similar. Allow to cool down, until the chocolate starts to thicken.

Pour some chocolate into a small mold to create a base, on which the Easter egg can be placed later. Let it cool down in the fridge.

Add some chocolate to the egg mold halves and spread it out. Leave to harden a bit. Then add chocolate once more and repeat again and again, until the chocolate layer is thick enough. After cooling down in the fridge, remove the chocolate carefully from the mold. (If something goes wrong, you can melt the chocolate again and start from the beginning.)

When both halves of the egg have turned out well, fill one half with candy and add a piece of paper with a good wish.

Melt a bit of chocolate, coat the edges of the egg halves with it and press them together.

When everything is hardened, add some melted chocolate on top of the base, place the egg on it and let it harden.

If you like, you can decorate the egg with colored sugar izing.

Store the Easter egg in a cool room - and give it to a nice person!

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